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São João da Madeira
Local Shops
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Oliva Creative Factory

Oliva was a metallurgy factory, where its brand image became the famous sewing machine. This assumed a fundamental role in the socio-economic development of São João da Madeira. An icon of Portuguese industrial history.

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Rio Ul Park

The river park has become a place of relaxation in the city, with its large green space and thousands of trees planted in its various routes. Ideal for a walk or bike ride.

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By force of arms of men and women,
São João da Madeira won the title of city of work.
It is this effort that the city will seek
its entrepreneurial attitude and familiarity.

In the cafes, the request is anticipated.
In boutiques, the the customer size is guessed.
In establishments clients are treated by name,
because that’s how a friend should always be treated.


Augmented reality app development funded by the Municipality of S. João da Madeira through the NORTE 2020 fund.